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Los Angeles Cascade, Inc. in Sun Valley, CA offers fabulous savings on our entire range of rental units. You can choose the rental plan that you need for your business or organization. We can provide you with a rental unit in the temperature range of 37° C, 4° C, -20° C, -30° C, -80° C, blood bank and ultra-low temperature freezers.

Chest and Upright Units

Various sizes and voltages are available from 1 cu ft. to 75 cu ft. Rental units are delivered cold and, in most cases, ready to transfer product. This is mostly used when a unit has failed or needs to be repaired off site due to welding and/or an inability to repair in your laboratory or blood bank.

You can save on rental costs if you have a Preventive Maintenance Contract with Los Angeles Cascade, Inc. on your equipment. Long-term rentals are available for the research specialist who just needs a little more space. We do the PMI’s and the maintenance. **

Ultra low temperature freezers||||
Blood bank refrigerator||||
Refrigerator rental plans||||

** Complete care of unit as long as there is no damage due to neglect, misuse or acts of God.

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